1. How did you end up doing this?

I just needed a place to save my drawings. Also, I wanted to share my drawings with others who have similar interests with me. Although I have an account on Facebook, it is a space that is too personal. Moreover, the features of instagram attracted my attention particularly the hash tag and the square format.

2.  Favorite post on your account? Why?  


It’s my fourth work. I love it, because I think that it’s the best creative work among all of my drawings. This pasta goes perfectly well with squeezing a wet towel!

3. Your favorite thing about Canada so far? 

I can’t only choose one, because I really like Canada! If I must choose only one, I would say that I love ‘ICE CAPP’ in Tim Hortons, although I can’t sleep after I drink coffee.

4. Your favorite Korean food? 

My favorite Korean food is Jeyuk Bokkeum! It’s a very delicious Korean spicy pork dish. My mom is especially good at cooking this. When I go back to Korea, it’s the first food that I would eat.

5. Tell us something that you recently learned?

Recently, I learned how my parents trust me. I have been preparing to move to Vancouver. When I told my parents that I wanted to move from Toronto to Vancouver, they understood what I wanted and they just respected my decision. Even though I will go back to Korea in December and need more money to move there, my parents permitted me to live in Vancouver for 2 months. They always trust me very much and they don’t push me around.

6. Name one thing you find boring.

I would say TTC subway, which is the name of the public transportation in Toronto. It stops frequently, and I have nothing to do in the subway when it stops for a long time. Unlike in Korea, people can’t use their mobile phones in the subway in Toronto. It is the one thing I find boring in Toronto.

7. What do you think is the secret to world peace? 

It’s quite a hard question…I have no idea.

8. Name one country you want to visit? Why?

I really want to visit France. I’ve been to Quebec in Canada, and It was really beautiful. I can feel the ambiance of France in Quebec. Therefore, I’m curious about the difference between France and Quebec.

9. What inspires you?

All of the ordinary things that I find. When I find something small, I can just associate it with another thing. I don’t know how and why. I’ve drawn a knight, a water dispenser, a player, etc. and I’ve never drawn these things before.

10. What’s your message to your fans? 

Dear fans (epecially my followers on Instagram) -

Thank you for your interest in my drawings! I’m so happy because I can share my happiness through my drawings with you although I’ve never studied art. Thanks to you, I’ve got many friends from many different countries. Because of your interest, I am motivated to draw. Please enjoy my drawings. Again, thanks.

@hyemi.jeong whose real name is Hyemi Jeong, is a 21-year old student from South Korea. She majored in Computer Science and Engineering in Sogang university Korea, and is now studying English in Canada as an international student. She has been in the latter for less than a year. 

At the end of the interview we ask her to pose a random question to our next Creative User of the month. Here’s what she asks: 

"What period of your life were you the happiest?"

Watch out for @hyemi.jeong as she posts her newest creations on our Instagram account during the weekends! 


Korean user gives everyday objects a different meaning. Although we’ve seen artists using a similar style, we enjoy @hyemi.jeong’s work in a different way because of her female perspective. :)


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